About our company

With over 25 years of experience and with a Big 5 pedigree, we provide both the public and private sector industries with Business Consulting Services designed specifically to provide the optimal solution to their large scale Business and Information system needs.


Our team is committed to delivering quality. In terms of our sub-contract partners, ThinkPoint Inc. applies a strict and rigorous recruitment policy, with face to face interviews and reference checks to help ensure qualified and competent resources are engaged. In addition, ThinkPoint Inc. ensures sub-

contract resources receive fair compensation for the deliverables they produce. This strategy

enables ThinkPoint Inc. to retain the highest quality resources without fear of resource turnover

resulting from higher competitor’s rates. ThinkPoint Inc. continues to increase market share on a

yearly basis. To ensure clients receive the best possible service, we understand resource retention is critical.


In today’s work environment, resources change careers or leave jobs. ThinkPoint Inc.

is constantly scanning the market for top talent and continually hires competent employees who

then complete a comprehensive training program. This proactive approach to human resources

allows ThinkPoint Inc. to provide its public and private sector clients with unparalleled commitment to quality service. In the event of sub-contract turnover, ThinkPoint Inc. has a 48 hour replacement policy and works with the client to ensure seamless integration into the environment.


Our clients value our relationship as we are partners in THEIR MISSION, not our own.






Our vision

We will build a significant market share with a focus on quality delivery in our clients’ high profile programs.


We leverage our network of professional consultants as PARTNERS and not just as RESOURCES. They share our passion for excellence and value our TEAMWORK mantra.


We acknowledge that the most skilled consultants cannot be successful if they are not well aligned with the mission of the team. This is the hallmark of generations of sport champions and is the principle we cherish as the highest talent our team brings. We all gain strength by teaming up on challenges to find the right answer rather than collecting too many different answers.


Our vision is to create the highest quality team of sub contractual partners supporting the Public Sector challenges as Canada proceeds on its ‘Canada 2020 mission’.


“To us it is not about just providing a service,  it is about providing the right service for our clients specific requirements that provides them true value”

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