Government Solutions

Lean Process


In all sectors, clients are demanding a faster response time, greater productivity and improved service for customers and citizens, while improving employee engagement. Organizations are often blocked by the ineffectiveness of the approach they use to design their services or administrative processes.


Organization’s that can gain value in implementing a LEAN approach may experience symptoms such as:


• Problems communicating between the different services they offer

• Overly long response time and approval time

• Numerous information transfers causing delays

• Inefficiencies in “functional” structures

• Increasingly complex processes

• Difficulty monitoring processes due to regulatory pressures


If you find your organization or department has a process that seems bogged down by “waste” or experience quality challenges in regards to service time or inaccuracy, call us to discuss how our LEAN advisors can help.


Pay Modernization


In 2010 the Prime Minister announced that the Government of Canada will transform its pay administration by replacing its more than 40 year old pay system and consolidating pay services from departments and agencies to the new Public Service Pay Centre (Pay Centre) in Miramichi, New Brunswick. This major government  Transformation of the Pay Administration Initiative is composed of the Pay Modernization Project (Pay Mod) and the Consolidation of Pay Services Project (CPSP), which are scheduled to be completed by 2015-16. This $300M+ program, when fully implemented, will generate savings resulting from efficiencies of pay administration of up to $78.1M per year, starting in 2016-17.


ThinkPoint’s expertise and understanding of the government Pay and Pension strategy and associated program plan position us uniquely to support the departments and agencies in preparing for the transition of staff and associated processes while also supporting the department’s ongoing needs for financial policy compliance and governance. This transformation will affect processes throughout government.


The Canadian government will receive many benefits from pay modernization including the sustainability and improved quality and efficiencies of pay administration, improved data entry and seamless integration with other government technology investments. With the partnerships established with our Atlantic provinces, the economic impact of a federal program such as this can be economically and socially significant to the region.


Financial and Performance Measurement


Our finance professionals are experienced in optimizing your organizational effectiveness and implementing performance measurement tools that will enable you to manage performance. The objectives set for your organization must be accurately aligned to key performance metrics. Our team can implement a comprehensive performance measurement framework that will allow your managers to make decisions in a timely manner. If you can’t measure it, you cannot manage it. Consider the following questions:


Are you measuring what matters?


Which divisions are profitable and which are soaking up cash?


Which product lines are profitable?


Do you know how efficiently your staff is working?


Do you have the pulse of your customers?


Is there anything you should measure that you currently are not measuring?


Do you or your staff use everything that you measure and report?


Do you only rely on historical indicators?


Are you measuring what matters to achieve your objectives?


Depending on our clients’ needs and specific situation,  a variety of performance measurement tools can be leveraged including - Logic Models that link strategy to activities to outcomes such as the Balanced Scorecard, Costing Models such as Activity Based Costing that link resources and processes,  and Performance Dashboards used  for organizing and providing ready access to performance information. The Dashboard is often used in Business Intelligence or Executive Information Systems to allow easy monitoring of key performance indicators. There are a myriad of ways to measure the performance of your business or department and our team can guide you in selecting the right metrics for your business. Let the finance professional of ThinkPoint Group offer you comprehensive, scalable and aligned services to match your demand and requirements. We have experience in helping Government clients improve their Management Accountability Framework rating in the Area of Management (AoM) #2: Managing for Results. We can help your organization move towards being rated “Strong” on an annual basis.