Canada 2020

The ThinkPoint Group shares the mission of the Canada 2020 agenda.

The ‘Canada We Want in 2020’ indicates the pillars we believe should make up the policy agenda of our public sector for this formative decade. At ThinkPoint we have designed our services to focus on supporting and advising public sector clients on the execution of their mandate in relation to the administration of these policies. We believe the ‘Canada 2020 five policy pillars’ represent Canadians directive of our public sector priorities.  ThinkPoint Group has assembled a team of experts and a service catalog that supports government departments and agencies in the execution of their role in this mission.


These are outlined and detailed in the book “The Canada We Want in 2020: Towards a strategic policy roadmap for the federal government.”

"Canada 2020 believes that Canada needs big ideas government, an effective and activist government, not big government," said Tim Barber, Co-Founder, Canada 2020. "We believe that the federal government has an important role in developing and implementing strategic policies - and building consensus around these policies - to guide Canada to a stable and prosperous future."


The ThinkPoint Group has a network of consultants with deep public sector and health care knowledge. The team has expertise in public sector cost management and administration, affairs effecting Aboriginal People, process reengineering based upon proven methods in the public sector, and large public program leadership.


The Canada We Want in 2020 is a journey and not an event. With knowledge of the direction our citizens have given to our public sector leaders we have established our corporate go to market plan. Through the edited volume of 15 papers by leading Canadians - business leaders, former senior politicians and public servants, and academics, we believe we can establish a complimentary service offering to support most government clients.