Risk Management

Our goal is to put Chief Risk Officers, CFOs, and CIOs in the best possible position to succeed, armed with data analytics, tool sets and strong insights as finance executives improve their partnership stake in the business decision-making process. We take pride in our roll-up-the-sleeves work ethic to help CFOs manage the various initiatives in their inbox; establish a stable, efficient organization; implement solutions to maximize performance; and help the organization. Businesses, like humans build value and confidence through satisfying the business basics and following the steps through to  brand eminence.


Our Risk Management services have a 3 pillar offering.


Physical Risk, Financial Risk, Technological Risk.


Our team supports your greater Business Continuity Planning, helps you prepare for Emergency Response Planning and Execution.


We support the financial business management risk elements of the corporate and project financial management requirements and the establishment of internal financial controls, financial policy adoption and compliance.  


We support technical Threat and Risk Assessments, Privacy Impacts Assessments,  Disaster Recover planning, Records Management and data center security and redundancy to ensure the intellectual property of your business is able to be recovered in the event of technical spoilage


Services we offer:

1. Business Continuity Consulting

2. Emergency Response Planning

3. Internal Controls Policy

4. TRA’s and PIA’s

5. Records Management Consulting

6. Data Centre Strategy and Planning



1. Risk Strategy

2. Emergency Process Design

3. Risk Governance planning

4. PIA and TRA audits

5. Data Centre Advisory

6. Financial Controls Strategy and Audit